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Brand: Allsheng Model: Mini-10k
Mini-10K:10,000rpm; 5,000xg 6x1.5/2.0ml angle rotor..
Brand: Allsheng Model: Mini-15K
The Mini-15K is a practical, compact and reliable laboratory assistant which the highest speed reach 14,500rpm. Humanized design, simple and compact appearance, special processing of low noise design create a quiet, comfortable experimental environment for you. Sensitive and..
Brand: Hanil Science Model: smart15
▪ Ergonomically arranged and designed▪ Memory for saving experiment condition [ 10 memories]▪ Speedy acceleration and deceleration (accel 15 sec, deccel 15sec / Max. 15,000 RPM)▪ Detecting imbalance   ▪ Applied aluminium steel chamber to reduce rotational friction heat..
Brand: Allsheng Model: iCEN-24R
iCEN-24R high speed centrifuge with 24-place capcity rotors are the new designed for the laboratory centrifuge. Their speed of up to 15,000rpm(21,400×g) allows for molecular biology applications in 0.2ml,0.5ml,1.5/2.0ml and PCR tubes. Both models have the soft-brake funciton to protect sensitive sam..
Brand: Allsheng Model: MPC-P25
1. The MPC-P25 Mini-Plate Centrifuge is the first one adopted an unique design for the horizontal rotor centrifuge (Patented) in the world. 2. It can accept below formats:– PCR standard plates with skirted, non-skirted– Elisa Plates– 8x0.2ml PCR strip tubes– 0.2ml PCR tubesMPC-P25 Mini-Plate&nb..
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