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Cell Analysis

Cell Analysis

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ADAM-MC cell counter

New standard of automatic cell counterThe ADAM-MC, an automated cell counter, performs viability and..

ADAM-SCC cell counter

Automatic Somatic Cell CounterADAM-SCC counts somatic cell to determine raw milk quality with unique..

Arthur™ cell counter

Novel Fluorescence Cell CounterArthur is 3-channel desktop image analyzer that allows users to perfo..

EVE™ Automatic cell counter

Automatic cell counterThe EVE™ uses state-of-the-art optics and image analysis to automate cell cou..

Juli BR Live cell movie analyzer

Live cell movie analyzerIncreasing number of researchers are using live-cell imaging to study ce..

Juli FL Live cell movie analyzer

Fluorescence live cell movie analyzerWith the states-of-the art optics, JuLI™ FL enables users to pe..

Lumascope 620 Digital microscopy

Blue, Green, and Red Fluorescence, Brightfield, and Optional Phase ContrastThe newest model of the L..

Lumascope 720 Digital Full automated microscopy

Blue, Green, & Red Fluorescence and Walk-Away Automation The powerful, new Lumascope 720 (LS..