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Vortexes, Shakers, Rockers & Incubators

Vortexes, Shakers, Rockers & Incubators

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V-1 plus, Personal Vortex

Description Vortex V-1 plus is an ideal instrument for gentle mixing to vigorous resus..

Thermo-Shaker MSC-100

Designed for simultaneous heating, cooling and mixing of small samples, MS-100 and MSC-100 can b..

Thermo-Shaker S-100C with cooling for microtubes and PCR plates

DescriptionThermo–Shaker TS-100C provides intensive mixing and temperature control of sam..

V-32, Multi-Vortex

DescriptionMulti-Vortex V-32 is intended for intensive stirring of bacterial and yeast cel..

Winpact Shaking Incubator, SI-200 series

•  Special designed drainage channel protects the motor and inner circuitry from accidental spi..