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From blood

Brand: Bioneer Model: K3032
AccuPrep® Genomic DNA Extraction Kit can rapidly and conveniently extract genomic DNA from blood, lymphocyte, buffy coat, tissue and cultured cell. This process does not require phenol/chloroform extraction, alcohol precipitation, nor other burdensome steps. Our Kit employs spin column type. Protein..
Brand: Molecular Research Center, inc Model: DN131-50
DNAzol® Direct is a universal reagent for processing biological samples for direct PCR. No isolation of DNA is required. The DNAzol Direct procedure is simple. Lyse a sample in DNAzol Direct for 15 minutes, add an aliquot of the resulting lysate to a PCR mix, and perform amplification of a selecte..
Brand: Geneaid Model: GS100
The gSYNC™ DNA Extraction Kit is a genomicDNA extraction kit optimized for genomic, mitochondrial and virus DNA purification from whole blood (fresh blood and frozen blood), serum, plasma, buffy coat, body fluids, cultured cells, tissue, rodent tails, ear punc..
Brand: Geneaid Model: GB100
The Genomic DNA Mini Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell)is a genomic DNA extraction kit optimized for genomic, mitochondrial and virus DNA purification from whole blood, buffy coat and cultured cell samples. This Genomic DNA Extraction Kit uses RBC Lysis Buffer and..
Brand: Geneaid Model: GDM010
The Genomic DNA Maxi Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) is optimized for DNA purification (including genomic, mitochondrial and viral DNA) from up to 10 ml of frozen blood or fresh blood and up to 1 x 108cultured cells using an efficient maxiprep system. This DNA Extraction Kit uses Protease t..
Brand: Geneaid Model: GMB100
The Geneius™ Micro gDNA Extraction Kitprovides an efficient method for purifying DNA (including genomic and mitochondrial DNA) from small volumes of whole blood, dried blood spots (Whatman® FTA® Cards), urine and saliva. ThisDNA Extraction Kit uses Proteinase K and chaotropic salt to lyse ..
Brand: Geneaid Model: GEB100
The Geneaid™ DNA Isolation Kit (Blood) offers a simple and gentle reagent DNA precipitation method for isolating high molecular weight genomic, mitochondrial or viral DNA suitable for archiving or sensitive downstream applications. This highly versatile solution based system can be sc..
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