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Insect Cells

Brand: Biological Industries Model: 05-050-1A
BIOINSECT-1 is a serum-free medium designed and optimized for the culture of Lepidopteran spp. insect cells. (Class, Insecta; Order, Lepidoptera; Family Noctuidae). This medium supports the growth and maintenance of both anchorage-dependent and suspension cultures of Sf-9 cells derived from the pupa..
Brand: Biological Industries Model: 01-155-1A
Grace's Insect Cell Medium with L-Glutamine, when properly supplemented, can be utilized for growth and maintenance of insect cells in culture such as in Dipteran and/or Lepidopteran cell lines. It has also been successfully used on a variety of other insect cell types as well as for the production ..
Brand: Biological Industries Model: 05-040-1A
LPM (Low Protein Media), BSA-Free is a Bovine Serum Albumin free formulation. The protein content is less than 25µ/ml. Despite this very low protein content, LPM has proven to be remarkably effective for the growth of a wide variety of hybridomas and other lymphocytes. Glutamine must be added prior ..
Brand: Biological Industries Model: 01-150-1A
Schneider's Drosophila Medium, with L-Glutamine is a medium designed and optimized for supporting the rapid growth of both primary and established cultures of cells derived from Drosophila melanogaster known colloquially as the fruit, banana, pomace, vinegar and wine fly to name a few. This med..
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