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Brand: Biological Industries Model: 05-610-1B
BIOGRO-2 formulation is totally free of serum albumin and the concentration of total protein is therefore less than 25 micrograms per ml in the final media. Applications:Culture of murine myeloma cells (NS-1, NS-0/1, SP2)Culture of mouse-mouse hybridoma cells (from NS-1, NS-0/1, SP2, X63-Aag8-6..
Brand: Biological Industries Model: 05-010-1A
DCCM-1 is serum-free medium, designed for hybridoma cell growth and monoclonal antibody production. The medium is a high protein formulation for maximizing cell growth, and it is ready-to-use and needs only the addition of L-Glutamine. DCCM-1 contains BSA.ApplicationsCulture of myeloma and hybridoma..
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