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UltraScence Pico Plus Western ECL Substrate 100 ml (50mlx2)

UltraScence Pico Plus Western ECL Substrate 100 ml (50mlx2)

The UltraScence Pico Plus Western Substrate, as a luminol-based enhanced chemiluminescent substrate, is sensitive and compatible with conducting immunoblots with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) – conjugated secondary antibodies. The low picogram or high femtogram detection of antigen is enabled by UltraScence Pico Plus Western Substrate’s excellent sensitivity and long signal duration. Further, its long chemiluminescent signal duration makes both digital and film-based imaging possible without any loss of the signal. Appropriate primary and secondary antibody dilutions are suggested for attaining optimal signal intensity and duration.

- No optimization required. 
Switching to the UltraScence Pico Plus Western Substrate from other brands, such as Thermo Scientific™ SuperSignal™ Pico Plus and Bio-Rad™ Clarity™, does not require optimization or protocol changes.

- High degree of sensitivity and enhanced chemiluminescence duration. 
UltraScence Pico Plus Western Substrate enables an accurate low picogram or high femtogram detection of protein on the same immunoblot after a single exposure.

- Optimized for use with PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes.

- Compatible with Western Blotting Markers.

- Optimized for film and CCD-based imaging.

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