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CalFectin™ Mammalian Cell Transfection Reagent (1.0 ml)

DescriptionCalFectin™ Mammalian DNA Tranfection Reagent is a pre-optimized and refined version of tr..

GenJet™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent (1.0 ml)

DescriptionGenJet™ DNA In Vitro Tranfection Reagent is a powerful transfection reagent tha..

GenJet™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent (Ver. II) (1.0 ml)

DescriptionGenJet™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent (Ver. II) is upgraded version of GenJ..

GenJet™ Plus DNA In Vitro Transfection Reagent (1.0 ml)

DescriptionGenJet™ Plus DNA In Vitro Transfection Reagent is enhanced version of GenJet™ D..

GenMute™ siRNA Transfection Reagent (1.0 ml)

Description:GenMute™ Reagent is a novel biodegradable non-liposomal siRNA/miRNA & DNA delivery t..

LipoD293™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent (1.0 ml)

DescriptionBy utilizing our innovative and proprietary lipid conjugation technology, LipoD293™ (Ver...

LipoJet™ In Vitro Transfection Kit (Ver. II) (1.0 ml)

Description:Based on our innovative and proprietary lipid-conjugation technology, LipoJet™ Transfect..

PepMute™ siRNA Transfection Reagent (1.0 ml)

Description:PepMute™ siRNA Transfection Reagent, formulated from simulation of virus cell penetratin..

PolyJet™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent (1.0 ml)

DescriptionBased on our proprietary polymer synthesis technology, PolyJet™ DNA In Vitro Transfection..

PowerFect™ In Vtro siRNA Transfection Reagent (Ver. II) (1.0 ml)

Description:Powerfect™ siRNA Transfection Reagent, a enhanced liposome formulation, is the most powe..