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MaestroNano Pro Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

MaestroNano Pro with the latest Maestrogen technology as listed below :+Auto-measurement+Auto-adjust..

UltraBright LED Transilluminator, 470nm

MaestroGen UltraBright LED transilluminator provides safer blue LEDs and easy gel cutting amber filt..

UltraBright UV Transilluminator, 302nm/365nm, large viewing

MaestroGen UltraBright UV transilluminator offers UltraSafe UV shield and strong frame design, no UV..

UltraSlim UV Transilluminator

UltraBright UV transilluminator has a cutting-edge construction for increased performance and effic..

UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer

Nabi- UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer is a miniature spectrophotometer that can measure cuvette and mi..