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15 mm Syringe-driven filter, Nylon, 0,22 µm (100 units)

15 mm Syringe-driven filter, Nylon, 0,22 µm (100 units)

Sorfa syringe filters are disposable laboratory consumables for filtration of aqueous solutions in four types of membranes: PES, MCE, PVDF, PTEF and NYLON. Accordingly, four color housings mate with these membranes for easy identification. For pore diameter of membrane, two sizes are available of 0.22 um and 0.45 um. Housing diameter also is in two sizes of 15 mm and 30 mm.  


Each syringe filter consists of a circular ring shell, a luer-lock connection with a piece of circular membrane inside. The net structure on luer lock connector is diversion groove which guide aqueous solutions to fill connector during the filtration process. This feature takes full advantage of membrane area for filtration of aqueous solutions. All Sorfa syringe filters are packaged in plastic boxes with sterilization, RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.


Product Features: 

1. PES, MCE, PVDF, PTEF and NYLON are available.

2. Two size: 15 mm and 30 mm.

3 .0.22 um and 0.45um for choices

4. Sterilized by Gamma irradiation.

5. RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic.


Packaging information:

Lot number is printed on packaging for tracking

Individual packaging is easy to open

Cartons are customized for protecting products.

  1. 1.PES (polyether sulfone) is high chemical, thermal stabile and has fast-flowing ability, acid and alkali resistant ability ( PH range 1-14), with high mechanical strength.


  1. 2.MCE(mixed cellulose esters) is the mixture of cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate which is hydrophilic, chemical compatible and has a high amount of protein adsorption. Generally, it applies to particle analysis, particle place, biochemical analysis, HPLC sample preparation and solvent filtration. 


  1. 3.PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride) has chemical stability and inertness which is applicable to chemically aggressive organic solvents, strong acids and alkali solution and sample preparation of HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) analysis. It’s hydrophobic to filter off moisture in the air, gases and is laminated on supporting net for its strong strength, operability. Preferably, it’s resistant to a high temperature of 130 degrees.
  3. 4.NYLON(organic nylon 66) is applicable in most organic solvents and aqueous solution, for instance, organic solvents of strong   acid, 70% ethanol and methylene chloride. It has good strength, chemical stability and high temperature resistant ability.
  5. 5.PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene) is applicable to filter aqueous solution and organic solvents, which is incompatible with all solvents in     low solubility. It’s waterproof and breathable, also features high gas flux and particle retention rate. In addition, it has acid, alkali and high temperature resistant ability.

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