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Boric Acid (500 g)

Boric Acid (500 g)

CAS Number: 10043-35-3

Synonyms: boracic acid; orthoboric acid

Molecular formula: H3BO3

Molecular weight: 61.83

Melting point: ~171°C 1

Boric acid volatizes in steam. When heated to 100°C, the solid loses water and is slowly converted into metaboric acid (HBO2); tetraboric acid (H2B4O7) is formed at 140°C and boron trioxide (B2O3) at higher temperatures.3 pKa = 9.23 at 25°C; DpK/DT = -0.008 4 Useful buffering range is pH 8.2-10.1.

Stability / Storage as Supplied Boric acid is a very stable dry solid at room temperature. It should be stable indefinitely, but should be evaluated for continued suitability in user application every three to five years.

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