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Guanidine Isothiocyanate (500 g)

Guanidine Isothiocyanate (500 g)

Guanidine thiocyanate is a freely soluble chaotropic agent routinely used for DNA/RNA extraction protocols.

CAS: 593-84-0

Molecular Formula: CN3H5 •HSCN

Molecular weight: 118.16

Form: Powder

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Solubility: Water: Freely soluble

Source: Synthetic

Ammonia: Not more than 0.05%

Absorbance: (6M) 280nm : ≤0.5

pH: (6M): 4.5-6.0

Melting Point: 115-122 °C

Loss on Drying: ≤0.3%Extraction of cellular DNA and RNA releases DNase and RNase proteins which function by denaturing DNA and RNA respectively. Guanidine thiocyanate is a preferred chemical to use during cell lysis because of its ability to irreversibly inactivate these degrading nucleases. In addition to its chaotropic properties, guanidine thiocyanate has also shown to inactivate enveloped viruses and some non-enveloped viruses.

Guanidine thiocyanate is routinely used for DNA/RNA extraction protocols to prevent damage by degredative enzymes

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