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TA TOPO Cloning Kit (20 rxns)

TA TOPO Cloning Kit (20 rxns)

Dr. TA TOPO Cloning Kit is suitable for cloning Taq polymerase-amplified PCR products with A-tail overhangs. . It performs ligation of PCR products at room temperature in 5 min. The vector provided in this kit contains topoisomerase covalently coupled to its ends, which allows efficient ligation of DNA fragments with A-tail overhangs to the vector without using a regular ligase.


- Cloning of Taq polymerase-amplified PCR products

- RNA transcription using T7 promoter

- Sequence analysis using M13 Forward and M13 Reverse primer


- pTA-TOPO Vector

- Salt Solution

- M13 Forward(-20) Primer

- M13 Reverse Primer

- Control Template

- Control PCR Primer

- Sterile Water

Standard reaction procedure

∙ PCR reaction

∙ Mix pTA-TOPO Vector with PCR products

  • PCR Product 0.5~4 ㎕
  • Salt Solution 1 ㎕
  • Sterile Water up to 5 ㎕
  • pTA TOPO Vector 1 ㎕
  • Final Volume 6 ㎕

∙ Incubation at room temperature for 5min

∙ Transformation into E.coli

∙ Colony analysis 

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