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EVE™ Automatic cell counter

EVE™ Automatic cell counter

Automatic cell counter

The EVE™ uses state-of-the-art optics and image analysis to automate cell counting. It is a benchtop counter, designed to measure cell count and viability (live, dead, and total cells) accurately and precisely, using the standard trypan blue technique.

Key features & benefits

  • Fine distinction of clumped cel/ Cell size gating/
  • Data storge & analysis/ No need to maintenance/
  • Bench top size & LCD touch screen
  • Protected by patents
  • KR573621,KR572207, US7,842,157, US12/916,098, EP04748429.0, EP2251182 ; other rights granted and pending
  • Trypan blue staining

Trypan blue is a vital stain used to selectively colour dead tissues or cells blue.

It is a diazo dye.

Live cells or tissues with intact cell membranes are not coloured. Since cells are very selective in the compounds that pass through the membrane, in a viable cell trypan blue is not absorbed; however, it traverses the membrane in a dead cell. Hence, dead cells are shown as a distinctive blue colour under a microscope. Since live cells are excluded from staining, this staining method is also described as a dye exclusion method.

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